2016 Sitka Green Business Awards

Sitka Global Warming Group (SGWG) is proud to recognize 2016's Sitka "Green" Businesses!  Congratulations!

These businesses, agencies, organizations, and schools are doing good things for the environment while also doing good things for our local economy. Through implementing green, environmentally-sustainable business practices, these award-winning businesses are contributing to the sustainability of our community, both in an environmental sense and in a financial and social sense.

For their work toward sustainability, we recognize and thank our local "Sitka Green Business Award" winners for 2016! 

There's still time to nominate a Sitka business for a 2015 Sitka Green Business Award!   Nomination form (.pdf)     or     Nomination form (MS Word)

2016 Sitka Green Business Award Winners

The following businesses are recognized and certified as Sitka Green Businesses for 2016

Check our list of businesses and their green practices to see what they do! 

Platinum (15+ Green Practices)

Gold (10-14 Green Practices)

Bronze (5-9 Green Practices)


Program Participation

SGWG developed this local “certification” process to determine those businesses and practices to recognize through this program. All businesses, not-for-profit organizations, agencies, schools, and others with an office in Sitka are encouraged to participate.  The program’s four levels recognize different levels of commitment towards green practices. The more actions that a business is doing to help the environment, the higher the recognition level they received. 

Award levels changed in 2013 - based on business suggestions we made reaching higher levels  more difficult! Awards are determined as follows - Businesses using: 1-4 green practices received a Bronze Award; 5-9 green practices – a Silver Award; 10-14 green practices – a Gold Award; 15 or more green practices – the Platinum Award. The special recognition award is for a business or businesses involved in 1) ongoing green activities, and 2) a one-time, major environmental initiative.

Awards are determined through nomination by any interested party (employees, customers, owners, etc.), with the nominated business determining their own participation (see Nominations below). Awards are normally presented each year in the spring with nominations being solicited mainly in the fall. We take nominations for Sitka Green Business Awards, either from businesses themselves or from customers (see instructions under Nominations, below) year-round.

The criteria for the awards are in constant development. SGWG reserves the right to determine what practices will be listed and recognized and what businesses qualify for the awards.


Green Practices List

The following list of green practices was compiled from practices currently being used in Sitka and was used to determine the level of award for 2016. See our list of businesses and their green practices to see what they do! A copy of this list, designed for printing or copying and filling out as a form, is available under Nominations below.



Reuse materials

Give away usable items and/or food rather than throw it away

Encourage double-sided printing

Recycle 2 or more city-sponsored items

Recycle "specialty" items (batteries, shopping bags, print cartridges, phones, etc.)

Compost coffee grounds, yard, or food waste

Discount for customers reusing items (cups, bags, etc.)

Use reusable serving items (plates, forks, etc.) rather than throw away items

Use web-based (paperless) marketing, billing, etc.

Proper disposal of hazardous waste


Energy Efficient lighting (Install/use CFLs, LEDs, etc)

Energy efficient heating (Install/use programmable thermostat, turn down heat at night)

Turn off lights, electronics (computer, etc.) at night

Installed/maintain other energy saving devices (elec. hand driers, auto. light switches)

Upgraded office building energy efficiency through insulation, energy efficient windows/heaters, and/or other large energy-saving construction


Provide/maintain covered bike parking

Support bike/walking programs (for employees or special initiatives)

Consolidate errands - transportation efficiency

Use teleconferencing/videoconferencing to reduce travel for meetings, training, etc.

Use 4 stroke outboards/take other measures to reduce boat fuel use

"Right sized" our vehicle fleet (reduced fleet to use less, smaller, & more efficient vehicles and electric or hybrids or even bikes)


Use recycled paper/refurbished office supplies

Use environmentally friendly supplies/methods (including green seal certified products, natural fertilizers, un-bleached napkins with soy ink, etc.)


Provide training and consulting regarding green products

Sell Fair Trade or Forest Stewardship Council certified products

Sell or use organic ingredients in their products

Sell locally made/grown items

Sell reusable shopping bags

Sell re-used items

Use cloth towels or ask clients to reuse towels


Organize/promote clean-up events (land, water, beaches)

Promote/support green education (about energy conservation, invasive species, recycling, growing food, etc.)

Support local foods activities

Have employee/student Green Team or environmental organization

Promote “buy local” (by promoting other local businesses & other buy local programs)


Nominate a Business!

If you own, work for or know of a Sitka business, not-for-profit organization, agency, or school doing green practices that you would like to see recognized with a Sitka Green Business Award, we'd like to hear from you! Please go to the Green Business Nomination Form, fill in the business name at the top and put an x in any green practices currently occurring at that business. Please email that filled-in list to sitkagreenbusiness@yahoo.com. Also, if you have or know of additional green practices occurring that you would like us to consider adding to our list, please include a list of those in your email. Make sure to send us the business name and address as well as your name and email address. If you'd just like more information, please contact us at sitkagreenbusiness@yahoo.com

Nominations are mainly accepted in the fall. However, we will accept nominations year-round for actions taken the year before the award is presented (thus, 2016 awards are for green business practices implemented in 2015). Nominations for previously un-recognized businesses will be considered on an ongoing basis. Awards are generally presented once or twice per year.


History of the Sitka Green Business Awards

At a March 2009 SGWG meeting one member suggested, "Thank local companies and businesses for green practices. Recognize those who are taking initiative! Promote the positives!" By April of that year, a green business recognition program was prioritized as one of the most important actions to be taken by SGWG in 2009/2010.

In April 2010, 35 Sitka businesses were awarded 2010 Sitka Green Business Awards. Three Sitka businesses received the Platinum award, two businesses received Gold awards, eleven businesses received Silver awards, and 18 businesses received Bronze awards. The City and Borough of Sitka and Sitka Assembly received the 2010 Special Recognition award for their work on Climate Action Planning in 2009 and 2010.

In 2011, 41 Sitka businesses received 2011 Sitka Green Business Awards. Thirty Sitka businesses received the Platinum award, two businesses received Gold awards, three businesses received Silver awards, and four businesses received Bronze awards. Mt. Edgecumbe High School, the U.S. Coast Guard, and the City and Borough of Sitka Electric Department received the 2011 Special Recognition award for their collaborative effort to install a wind power generator display project. For the 2010 awards, many nominations were made by SGWG/SS members who patronized the businesses. Often they would not see all the green practices being used which resulted in lower-level awards. For the 2011 awards, most businesses were self-nominated. This captured more of a business’ “hidden” green practices, but missed those businesses that did not nominate themselves.

In 2012, 23 Sitka businesses received awards.  Nearly every business was self-nominated. And 16 of the businesses awarded in 2012 increased the number of practices they implemented. In fact, the average number of practices being implemented went up from about 16 green practices on the 2011 award list to nearly 20 green practices in 2012 awards. Considering that only one new practice was added to the green practices list, that's a significant increase in green activity in the local business community. A Green Business Open House was held on September 15 as an added feature to the 2012 awards. Baranof Island Housing Authority gave tours and information on their new LEED-certified office building while Sitka Office Services showed off some of their green equipment and behaviors. Over 100 people attended!

In 2013, 26 Sitka businesses received awards.  And again, many businesses increased their participation level.

Thirty-one Sitka businesses, agencies, and organizations were recognized with Sitka Green Business Awards in 2014 with 18 of them receiving the highest level award.  Since the awards program was started in 2010, SGWG has presented over 150 green business awards to 79 Sitka businesses.   

The list of green practices was compiled using actions that local businesses were already successfully implementing. The list can grow if businesses bring up new practices and SGWG/SS agrees upon them. Recent additions to the list of green practices include: "right sizing" vehicles used in the business, upgrading buildings, and actively encouraging “buying local” at other local businesses in Sitka. We always consider new suggestions.

This program came about because members of SGWG/SS recognized that many Sitka businesses are engaged in green practices such as recycling, composting, installing bike racks, encouraging use of reusable cups/bags/plates, and energy conservation. Realizing that these “green” practices benefit the environment, save money, and increase our sustainability, SGWG/SS wanted to recognize and thank those businesses, encourage others to start “greening” their business, and help local businesses take advantage of a green marketing strategy. We hope these awards add business and improve sustainability and resilience in Sitka.


Recent News Releases and Photos

One of the ways we hope to encourage our green businesses is through well-deserved recognition.  We strive to share their good work through articles, award logos, and award certificates.



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Stereo North


Date:    April 14, 2016                           

Contact: Michelle Putz, Sitka Global Warming Group

13 Local Businesses Identified as 2016 Sitka Green Businesses

Today, 13 Sitka businesses were awarded the 2016 “Sitka Green Business Award” for their green business practices by the Sitka Global Warming Group (SGWG).  This year, 11 Sitka businesses received the highest recognition, the Platinum level award.  One business received a Gold level award and one business received a Bronze Level Award. 

SGWG started this program in the fall of 2009 to recognize, encourage, and thank local businesses that are doing positive things for the environment and Sitka’s economy.   They recognized that many Sitka businesses are engaged in practices such as carpooling, recycling, composting, installing bike racks, re-using items, and energy conservation.  These and other positive, “green” actions benefit the environment, save money, and increase the community’s sustainability and resilience.  The awards recognize leadership in sustainability in the local business community.

Michelle Putz, coordinator for the awards and SGWG leader, is pleased to see Sitka organizations, agencies and businesses supporting the environment and each other.  “Participating businesses are enthusiastic and continue to add new and better ways to do their work in a way that contributes to community, environment, and the economy,” says Putz.  “Sitka Global Warming Group is proud to recognize these local businesses and hopes that efforts to ‘Buy local’ can help keep our community healthy and vibrant.”

Putz pointed to an interesting development in 2015, “This year we did not receive any nominations for ‘special recognition’ awards in either the “Ongoing Projects” or “New Projects” category.  We don’t know if that meant that environmental initiatives were on hold in 2015 or if people simply weren’t aware of what was happening around town.  We hope that if Sitkans know of a large scale effort happening in 2016 that supports the environment and community, they will let SGWG know!   We’ve already heard some ideas for 2017 awards, but it would be great to have some competition.”

SGWG bases awards on the current list of 35 locally tested “green” practices. Businesses that are recognized receive a “2016 Sitka Green Business Award” certificate that are displayed in a business’s window or service counter to identify it as a green business.  Green businesses are also listed on the SGWG website at www.sitkaglobalwarming.org (at Green Businesses).  “We help businesses increase their web presence by including their link in our website and help them link up with customers who are looking to reduce their environmental footprint” said Putz.  SGWG also provides businesses with the “Sitka Green Business Award” logo to place on their print advertising and websites. 

A second round of 2016 awards is planned for later this spring.  New nominations from other Sitka businesses will be considered if sent by May 15. Nomination instructions are on the www.sitkaglobalwarming.org website.