2014 Sitka Green Business Award Nomination Form             (instructions on back)


Business Name, address, phone #, email (and website address if you want to be linked to our website):         


Nominator’s name and email:           



Business Name



Reuse materials


Give away usable items and/or food rather than throw it away


Encourage double-sided printing


Recycle 2 or more city-sponsored items


Recycle "specialty" items (batteries, shopping bags, print cartridges, phones, etc.)


Compost coffee grounds, yard, or food waste


Discount for customers reusing items (cups, bags, etc.)


Use reusable serving items (plates, forks, etc.) rather than throw away items


Use web-based (paperless) marketing, billing, etc.


Proper disposal of hazardous waste




Energy Efficient lighting (Install/use CFLs, LEDs, etc)


Energy efficient heating (Install/use programmable thermostat, turn down heat at night)


Turn off lights, electronics (computer, etc.) at night


Installed/maintain other energy saving devices (elec. hand driers, auto. light switches)


Upgraded office building energy efficiency through insulation, energy efficient windows/heaters, and/or other large energy-saving construction




Provide/maintain covered bike parking


Support bike/walking programs (for employees or special initiatives)


Consolidate errands - transportation efficiency


Use teleconferencing/videoconferencing to reduce travel for meetings, training, etc.


Use 4 stroke outboards/take other measures to reduce boat fuel use


"Right sized" our vehicle fleet (reduced fleet to use less, smaller, & more efficient vehicles and electric or hybrids or even bikes)




Use recycled paper/refurbished office supplies


Use environmentally friendly supplies/methods (including green seal certified products, natural fertilizers, un-bleached napkins with soy ink, etc.)




Provide training and consulting regarding green products


Sell Fair Trade or Forest Stewardship Council certified products


Sell or use organic ingredients in their products


Sell locally made/grown items


Sell reusable shopping bags


Sell re-used items


Use cloth towels or ask clients to reuse towels




Organize/promote clean-up events (land, water, beaches)


Promote/support green education (about energy conservation, invasive species, recycling, growing food, etc.)


Support local foods activities


Have employee/student Green Team or environmental organization


Promote “buy local” (by promoting other local businesses & other buy local programs)







Instructions:  Put business information at the top and put an x in any green practice currently occurring at that business.  Email the filled-in list to info@sitkaglobalwarming.org or mail to Michelle Putz at 131 Shelikof Way, Sitka, AK 99835. Please explain any specific actions related to the more inclusive practices (such as, what kind of environmentally friendly supplies or methods are used and what green education projects are the nominee involved in?).  Also, if you have or know of additional green practices occurring that you would like us to consider in our list, please include those in your email. Make sure to send the business name and address as well as your name and email address.  If you'd like more information, please contact us at info@sitkaglobalwarming.org.     Thanks!


Please return by January 15, 2014.