What is Climate Change?

When we burn fossil fuels like coal and gas, we pump more and more carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.  This build-up creates a blanket effect, trapping in heat around the world.  If nothing is done to halt this process, the planet we leave our children will be hotter, with more violent weather and fewer species.    ...Can I DO SOMETHING about it and make a difference?  YES! Sitka Global Warming Group wants to help every person and community reduce their impact on climate change!

Our Mission

Help Sitkans reduce their carbon footprint
and prepare for the effects of a changing climate
through education and community action.

* * *Nominations due January 30!!***

It's time to nominate local businesses* for 2017 Sitka Green Business Awards!  Nomination form (.pdf)     or     Nomination form (MS Word)     *Local business includes businesses, agencies, not-for-profit organizations, and schools 


Upcoming Activities - EVERYONE is welcome to attend and participate 

1) Action Meetings and Discussions:

Bags for Change  -  Community Action Meeting to reduce plastic bags in Sitka

Mondays, January 30 and February 27, 7 pm, St. Peter's See House (behind St. Peter's church on Lincoln St.)

Our goals are to:

1) teach people about the problems and dangers associated with plastic bags,

2) provide reusable bags to those needing them, and

3) increase the use of reusable bags and decrease the use of disposable bags in Sitka (by implementing a bag fee with funds paying for schools and to stabilize electric rates).

At this meeting we'll work in 3 committees (education, sponsorships/partnerships/fundraising, and political action) on projects like the "Bag Roundup!" and our "remember your reusable bag" art contest.  Meeting attendees will discuss and select methods and actions to reach our goals and work on selected actions.  Help us make a difference in Sitka! 747-2708 for more information.


Citizens' Climate Lobby (CCL) - Sitka Chapter "Big Dividend Tour"  Presentation 

Saturday, February 25, 7:30—9:00 pm, Harrigan Centennial Hall

Concerned about climate change and ocean acidification?  How can we ever take national action to respond to these global threats?  George Donart, our Alaska-based State Coordinator and Anchorage Group Leader, will be traveling through Alaska to talk about a potential solution and host the “Big Dividend Tour”.  Come and learn about CCL's work or check out 

CCL Workshop to start a Sitka CCL chapter

Sunday, February 26, 1:30—4:00 pm

SGWG is starting a committee/Sitka chapter of the Citizens' Climate Lobby. Learn how to effectively lobby your representatives.  Meet others interested in responding to climate change .  Join us for a training session!

Citizens’ Climate Lobby  is a non-profit, non-partisan, grassroots advocacy organization focused on national policies to address climate change. They are a well-organized national group that advocates for a carbon fee and dividend (not unlike our proposed bag fee!) includes 3 main actions: 1. Place a steadily rising fee on fossil fuels; 2. Give 100% of the fees minus administrative costs back to households each month; and 3. Use a border adjustment to stop business relocation  (  


Sitka Electric Vehicle Group Meeting

Meets regularly at the Sitka Public Library

A panel of EV owners will talk about their experiences, including buying their first EV

Join the Electric Car Group and Sitka Global Warming Group for discussions about electric cars.  Learn about today's electric cars from local electric car owners.  Give input into future meeting topics.  And participate in actions to bring more electric cars to Sitka to use Sitka's green energy.


2) Community Action

Help SGWG "Recruit"  a green business to use Sitka's green energy! 

Imagine a green business in Sitka that provides good jobs and stabilizes our cost of electricity just by using our excess green power...YOU can make this happen by spreading the word and helping us build a network that shares this opportunity.  Want more information or information to share?  Contact Michelle at 907-747-2708.



Participate in the Sitka Reusable Bag "Library" 

The Reusable Bag Libraries at SeaMart and AC Lakeside grocery stores are open for business!  Look for the boxes, look for the "Bag Exchange" signs, and borrow a reusable cloth bag any time you need one, or drop off your extra, clean reusable bags for others to use.  

In collaboration with SeaMart and AC Lakeside grocery stores, SGWG reusable bag library makes reusable bags easier to use, easier to remember, and more available to shoppers.  Similar to the library where you borrow books, bags are available at the grocery stores to borrow from the bag exchange and return to the bag exchange during the next visit.   

BAGS are NEEDED at SeaMart!

How do you use the reusable bag exchange? 

Forgot your reusable bag?  Borrow one from the Bag Exchange at SeaMart or AC Lakeside. Then return it, cleaned, to the Bag Exchange at either store on your next visit.     

Have extra reusable bags?  Wash and dry them well.  Drop them off at the Bag Exchange at either store and borrow one when needed.  



Future Climate Actions

Make a difference by participating in the activities above or other ongoing climate actions - join friends and neighbors in taking action on climate change!

Contact to volunteer


Ideas for how you or your community can become more sustainable and resilient?

Check out our News, Past Events, and Photos for ideas.  If you'd like to organize or participate in an activity or event, contact us at to learn more!    



Important Local News:

Sitka Power Supply Status is Green - Please use Electricity wisely 

The work on Blue Lake Dam is done!  And with all the rain, the water filled behind the dam.  With that  there is a low risk that we'll need to use diesel generators to create electricity.  

THANK YOU for reducing your electric consumption during yellow and red lights!!!

To stay up-to-date, be on the lookout for the signs or check out the status on

"Compost" float - 4th of July 2012


Climate Change Information You Can Use:

What can I do in Sitka to reduce my carbon footprint?  

What can I do about climate change?

Here are resources to save money and reduce carbon dioxide emissions:

1) To participate in the Home Energy Rebate Program:  Request a home energy rating. Sign-up at or contact the AK-REBATE Call Center at 1-877-AK-REBATE (1-877-257-3228).

2) Sitka Energy Saving Tips:

2) Information about being IDLE-FREE:

4) Information about growing your own food in Sitka:

5) Take some of the actions on this inspiring page and check out the full website: 


Sitka Global Warming Group participates in candlelight vigil for climate agreement in Copenhagen, Denmark - December 2009


Local Resources

Sitka Conservation Society (SCS) has been working to protect the temperate rainforest of southeast Alaska and Sitka's quality of life since 1967. SCS has been an active supporter of the Sitka Global Warming Group.

Recycle Sitka provides great information on what and how to recycle in Sitka can help you learn about growing your own food in Sitka.

Click on Other Links to see additional resources on climate change

Contact Us: 907-747-2708